What is it made out of?

The Hummingbird is made with phthalate free ABS body safe plastic. The soft tip of The Hummingbird is made of 100% medical grade silicone. This provides the added benefit of being hypoallergenic, easy to clean, more hygienic, more durable and responsive to the temperature of your body.

How long will it take to receive my Hummingbird?

At Cloudnine Adult Concepts we pride ourselves on customer service and guarantee the product will be packaged and sent within 24 hours of purchase. Our Nest is located in Brisbane and all delivery timelines are subject to Australia Post general mailing rules.

Can I get more attachments for my Hummingbird?

Most certainly. Most other wand attachments will fit snug on our Hummingbird, however be mindful that the cheapest may not always be the best. When purchasing a Cloudnine Adult Concepts product you can be assured that we have used only the best, safest and most hygienic materials offering a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on all of our products.

Do I need batteries?

No. The Hummingbird requires no batteries and is fully rechargeable.

How long does it take to charge?

For maximum life out of your Hummingbird an overnight charge (8 hours) will give you approximately 3 continuous hours of thrilling fun. Alternatively 1hr charge should give you around 45 minutes to play(using the normal speed).

 Are there any cords?

No. The great thing about the Hummingbird is that the only time you require cords is when you are recharging. Once full and ready to take flight, simply disconnect and let the Hummingbird take you to Cloudnine.

My Hummingbird does not work when the charger or travel plug is connected.

The Hummingbird has been designed with a safety feature which disables the unit from working when the power charger is connected or travel safe plug is engaged. Please try disconnecting or taking out the travel safe plug and try turning on the Hummingbird. If you are still experiencing difficulties with the Hummingbird please let us know immediately through our contact us page.

Do I get warranty?

Yes. All Cloudnine Adult Concepts products come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from the original date of purchase. Please see terms and conditions page for warranty coverage and conditions.